Anthony Robbins: 20 Action-Taking Motivational Quotes From Awaken the Giant Within

1) “Decisions act as the source of both problems and incredible joys and opportunities…true decisions are the catalyst for turning dreams into reality.”
2) “We need to realise that our beliefs have the capacity to make us sick or make us healthy in a moment.”

anthony robbins
3) “Words can not only create emotions, they create actions.”
4) “Most beliefs are formed by words-and they can be changed by words as well.”
5) “At any moment, the questions that we ask ourselves can shape our perceptions of who we are, what we’re capable of, and we’re willing to do to achieve our dreams.”
6) “At one time in our lives, we all had a vision for the quality of life that we desire and deserve.”
7) “People persist in an unsatisfying relationship…because they know changing will lead to the unknown, and most people believe that the unknown will be much more painful than what they’re already experiencing.”
8) “Softeners and intensifiers give us a greater degree of precision in our dealings with others, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a business negotiation, or all the possible scenarios in between.”
9) “All changes are created in a moment…it’s just that most of us wait until certain things happen before we finally decide to make a shift.”
10) “The best thing you can do to create mastery in any area of your life is to raise a belief to the level of conviction; conviction has the power to drive you to action, to push you through all kinds of obstacles.”
11) “A poor selection of words can devastate us just as surely and just as swiftly.”
12) “Words are the fabric from which all questions are cut.”
13) “Sometimes we get so many references of pain and failure that we begin to assemble those into a belief that nothing we do can make things better.”
14) “…in order for us to be able to create true change-change that last-we need to develop a specific system for utilizing any techniques

you and I learn to create change, and there are many.”
15) “Words are basic tool for representing things to ourselves, and often if there’s no word, there’s no way to think about experience.”
16) “To discover some of the words you need to transform, ask yourself, ‘what are some negative feelings I have on a consistent basis?”
17) “Throughout human history, our greatest leaders and thinkers have used the power of words to transform our emotions, to enlist us in their causes, and to shape the course of destiny.”
18) “People with impoverished vocabulary live an impoverished emotional life…”
19) “…people with rich vocabularies have a multi-hued palette of colors with which to paint their experience, not only for others, but for themselves as well.”
20) “When you’re in an unresourceful state, you probably call it a battle or a war, and when you’re in a good state, may be you think of it as a gift.”

Compiled by Opeyemi Quadri
Quadri is a freelancer and a dynamic writer. His research articles focus on health, politics, social media and human development.
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