Long Impact of Your Google’s Location History

In spite of harsh rules Google is bringing up lately, it still gives users on android devices, and possibly other devices, to have say over their location history.

Unfortunately, not all users of android devices care about how important their location history is.

Virtually all android devices come with the applications, Google search (version or any other version), Google settings also known as Google play services (4.3.24).

Google has given every user freedom to “instruct” Google to either keep record of their location or not.

On your downloaded applications, click on “Google settings” which list all the options as follows:

  • Connected apps
  • Google+
  • Play games
  • Location
  • Search & Now
  • Ads
  • Android device manager
  • Drive apps

Click on “locations” this leads you to your Gmail address at the top followed by

  • Location reporting
  • Location history

Clicking on “Location history” informs you that the setting allows Google to store a history of your location data from devices where you have enabled “Location reporting” (which you may also turn off since it’s majorly used for products like Google Now and Google Maps) for your account (Gmail account).

Location history helps you to get more out of Google (like you can get notification about traffic on your commute). But, hey! What about your privacy? No one knows the long-term impact of this location history.

Turn off location history on top of your device, if you don’t want it stored or leave it if you’re satisfied with Google storing your location.

Also, you can view and manage your location history at maps.google.com/locationhistory.

Note that turning off your location history will not remove existing entries. You can only delete all existing entries location history entries for your account by clicking on “Delete Location History” at the bottom end of your device.


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