How to Really Use LinkedIn for Personal and Business Branding



In recent years we have seen how social media tools have grown in an explosive ways which is making it extremely difficult to accurately predict the future of social and professional networking websites. LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site, is one that has redefined connectivity thereby turning the world into a “global village.”



Since LinkedIn and other social and business networking websites have found their place in our society, the need to effectively understand how to use them have made networking experts to embark on more research…for the benefit of users.

One of such research works is “How to really use LinkedIn” which has 21 chapters with explanatory answers to more than 30 hot discussion topics and burning questions.


How two networking experts, Jan Vermeiren and Bert Verdonck, put up the second edition of “How to really use LinkedIn” ( which is free for download, to me, is an indication that one can actually find fulfillment in sharing ideas that could touch the lives of others positively.

The update in the second edition are, but not limited to the following:


  • 5-step basic general strategy to be successful on LinkedIn.
  • New chapters with passive, active and proactive strategies for people looking for new customers, a new job, or new employees.
  • A chapter about raising your visibility and credibility by personal branding.
  • A chapter for Group Managers with tips to attract more members, stimulate interaction, and deal with spammers.
  • A chapter about the power of combining online and offline networking: how to get the most out of the events as an organizer and as a participant.
  • Probably the most important additional chapter is for organizations: how can they benefit from LinkedIn company-wide.
  • Video clips showing you how to apply certain tips, constantly updated. And many more tips concerning your personal Profile, how to build your LinkedIn network, how to fine-tune LinkedIn (settings), and new tools and features (Applications, News, Labs, and Plugins).

If you’re one of those that expressed resistance and skepticism using LinkedIn for interaction, Jan and Bert say, “The obstacle was primarily fear of the unknown.

“Once we explained how they, too, could benefit from LinkedIn, and how to start using it immediately, some of them became raving fans!”

One unique thing that could make one satisfactorily appreciate the use of social networking websites-LinkedIn and others-is to discover how to leverage it for ones business and career.

You too- whether you’re looking for new customers, employees, partners, suppliers, internal or external experts or a new job-can discover that FREE power here


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